Baked! 35 Marijuana Munchies to Make and Bake

Baked! 35 Marijuana Munchies to Make and Bake

Stone, Chris

$14.95 USD

For potheads who'd rather eat their weed than smoke it, this tasty bakin' bible serves up thirty-five easy-to-make, craving-busting recipes packed with every stoner's favorite ingredient.

Guaranteed to produce cannabilicious results every time, all of the recipes in "Baked!" have been written (and thoroughly tested) by an established food writer and "herb" specialist. From classics like Hash Brownies and Alice B. Toklas's Choc Chunk and Pecan Cookies to bud-boosted versions of foodie faves like Baked! Potatoes and Herbal Quiche, this smokin' cookbook includes a sweet snack, pipin' pastry, or blowin' biscuit for every taste bud.

So find your kitchen - because this smorgasbord of gustatory ganja delights will take your recreational activities to a much "higher" level.