Big Book of Buds: Greatest Hits

Big Book of Buds: Greatest Hits

Ed Rosenthal


Legal marijuana is the fastest-growing industry in America today. Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits spotlights the top strains available commercially for both novices and expert growers alike. Selected from over 400 varieties that have appeared in the Big Book of Buds series, these 95 strains paved the way for the marijuana industry by making cultivation easier, results more predictable, increasing yields, and setting the standard for quality.

Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits covers:

  • A description of how each strain gets you high
  • Cultivation, harvesting and grow tips
  • Expert details like trichomes, cannabinoids, terpenes and more

Whether you’re experienced or new to the plant, Greatest Hits brings you up to date on decades of research as cannabis gains popularity for its restorative and therapeutic benefits. “As marijuana enters a new era, we have more information on different varieties and how they affect us,” says author Ed Rosenthal, renowned marijuana cultivator and activist.

“A strain that is effective for one symptom may not be beneficial for another.”

Guided by lush visuals and easy-to- read stats, Greatest Hits provides practical insights about properties, aroma, and effects to help you select exactly what you want to use or grow. Like cooks adding spices, breeders create new varieties —and the result can be a delight to the mind and body. Discover the extensive selection of internationally popular varieties: Headband, Northern Lights, The Purps, White Widow, and many more. These strains are the foundation of today’s most popular cannabis products.

“Marijuana is an amazing plant. It’s the proverbial outlaw that is now gaining respectability,” Rosenthal adds. “It has been outlawed, condemned and eradicated many times, and despite these hardships it comes back to change society.”


Ed Rosenthal is a leading horticulturist and author known as the ‘Guru of Ganja’ for his pioneering work in marijuana cultivation, advocacy and policy reform. Over 40 years he has written or edited more than a dozen books about marijuana cultivation and social policy that cumulatively have sold over two million copies. Rosenthal has appeared in The New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle and in the Los Angeles Times, is an instructor at Oaksterdam University, and serves as executive director at Green Aid: Marijuana Legal Defense and Education Fund.

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