Spectrum Labs Absolute Detox Herbal Cleanse Drink 16oz

Spectrum Labs Absolute Detox Herbal Cleanse Drink 16oz

Spectrum Labs


The Absolute Detox Carbo-Drink is a Spectrum Labs product that holds the metabolites in your body allowing you to pass a pre-employment nicotine test. Many metabolites are stored in the fat cells of the body and are released when fat cells are burned. The Absolute Detox Carbo-Drink prevents the body from burning fat cells for up to 5 hours so the nicotine metabolites are never released. The Absolute Detox Carbo-Drink is designed for individuals, who smoke 4 times a week or less. If the individual is over 200 lbs., it is recommended they consume two drinks or 1 XXL Absolute Detox Carbo-Drink before a pre-employment nicotine test, and drink two full bottles of water. The Carbo Drink has a 99.6% success rate if the directions are followed.

Product Directions: Shake bottle before drinking. Drink entire contents then after 15 minutes, refill with water and consume. Wait 45 minutes to be effective. For best taste, drinks should be refrigerated prior to consumption. Designed for light to moderate users.

For Best Results: 1. Avoid nicotine 48 hours before deadline. 2. Only take the drink the day of the test. Taking the drink the day before the test does absolutely no good, and product will be wasted. 3.Do not drink more than 16 oz. of water per hour. 4. On the day of the deadline, eat and drink normal quantities, avoid foods high in sugar. 5. If possible, schedule test for the afternoon and urinate 3 - 4 times after consuming the Absolute Detox Carbo-Drink. 6. Drink is effective for 45 minutes to 5 hours, however peak effectiveness is at 2 hours. As with any pre-employment nicotine test, avoid strenuous exercise the day of the pre-employment nicotine test. Otherwise, eat and drink normally.
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