Atmos Ruva V2.0

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- Product features:

Compact 4.4" Size
Large OLED
Magnetic Mouthpiece
Pure Ceramic Chamber
Rubber Grip
Vibration Notifications

- The Ruva is one of the latest top-tier line of vaporizers from the well respected manufacturer Atmos. It combines a genuinely compact form-factor, a high quality chamber, useful OLED, and a variety of other features that are sure to impress both new and experienced vapers alike.

Stylish Easy To Hold Design

A recent trend in the vaporizer market is a shift towards rubberized finishes to their exterior. This has a number of advantages such as being easier to grip - especially useful for highly portable units like this one - and at the same time it prevents the device from getting too hot while in your hand or pocket. Not only is the rubber material itself easy to hold but the the Ruva adds ridges to add yet more grip while also creating a unique look.


The easy to remove mouthpiece is held onto the device through a pair of magnets. These hold it firm to the device when in use while still allowing it to be effortlessly removed when it's time to pack the chamber. Speaking of which, the conduction based chamber in the Ruva is created with pure quartz which will produce cleaner hits compared to less expensive ceramic based vaporizers.

OLED And Other Features

Despite the compact size, the Atmos Ruva vape features a large OLED display. You can easily see when the unit is heating up via an animated progress bar, what temperature it is currently at and where it's set to go to. A useful memory feature even remembers the last setting the unit was at when turned off so you can resume vaping at the exact temperature during future sessions saving you a few button clicks.Vibration feedback signals both when the unit reaches its final temperature and when it's being initially turned on. Although the device is shipped in Celsius mode, it's easy to change to Fahrenheit by pressing both the plus and minus buttons together.

Operating The Ruva

To operate the unit, first lightly pack your herb (this will allow better airflow) and hold the power button for 5 seconds to turn the unit on. Pressing 3 more times will start the unit on whatever temperature it was last at. Like many vaporizers, the Ruva has an auto-shutoff feature. But while many power down after 5 minutes, the Atmos Ruva switches off after 3, saving you a few extra minutes of battery charge each time.


Cleaning Brush
Packing Tool
USB Charging Cable

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