Playboy RYOT Wooden Dugout - SPECIAL EDITION

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This Playboy Edition Wooden Magnetic Dugout features a matching wooden one hitter with a lid and poker design to help you avoid spillage and stop unwanted smells from escaping.

Each dugout is made from an assortment of different high grades of natural wood and the wooden swivel top won't give you grief!  Thanks to the tight manufacturing, you can be guaranteed that as long as everything's closed up - you won't smell a thing!

There's also a built-in cleaning tool held magnetically in the bottom of the dugout itself.  So a quick cleaning is never far away!

Available in an array of high quality woods, the RYOT Wooden Magnetic Dugout has the  unique pistol grip. The Wooden Dugout combines user friendliness with durability. Simply toss it into your pocket with a lighter and you’re set for the day.

  • Large Dimensions: 4.25 inches (L) x 2 inches (W) x .625 inches (Thick)
  • Small Dimensions: 3.125 inches (L) x 2 inches (W) x .625 inches (Thick)
  • Matching one hitter bat Included
  • Solid Wood Featuring High Quality Craftsmanship
  • Magnetic Poker and Lid
  • Storage for Smoking Blends
  • Unique Pistol Grip Design
  • Fits All Standard One Hitters
  • Patent # 7717259
One Hitter Dugout – The Ideal Travel Companion

You are always prepared for a smoke session with this Wooden Magnetic Dugout. Compact, discreet, and portable, RYOT’s design makes smoking a relaxing, no-fuss experience. Remove your one hitter, pack it, take a puff, and empty it. It’s that easy. They’ve even included a magnetic poker to remove excess dried herb.

A Sleek Magnetic Design

RYOT came up with our patented magnetic design so that your dugout’s lid automatically snaps back in place. As a result you can stop worrying about spilling your herb or smelling like it. Plus, it also secures your magnetic poker so that you won’t have to worry about losing it. Finally, you can carry your one hitter pipe in your pocket all day or throw it in your bag without worrying about spillage.

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