Pure Hemp Unbleached Rolling Papers - Single Wide

Pure Hemp

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From the makers of Smoking, Pure Hemp rolling papers are the preferred brand of many smokers. These papers are made from 100% pure hemp.

"Our Unbleached Pure Hemp rolling papers are slightly thinner than their predecessor, produced with all the care and attention as the original line, and without the use of an elemental additive which acts as a cleaning agent for the pulp, and inadvertently whitens the paper. Pure Hemp Unbleached rolling papers retain their natural hue while they remain slow burning, low ash and 100% eco tree-free rolling paper with an all natural gum line."
  • 100% eco-friendly tree-free rolling paper
  • Slightly thinner, unbleached papers
  • Slow burn
  • Low ash
  • Natural African Acacia gumline
  • 50 Sheets/Pack
  • 50 Packs/Box

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