Fisherman's Friend Pipe

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"The Fisherman's Friend has been one of our most popular pipes for almost two decades. Made from quality hardwoods and hand-finished, this pipe will last many years if properly cared for. The Fisherman's Friend features a stainless steel middle that twists open reveling a storage compartment for your tobacco and the engraved, stainless steel bottom slides out for easy cleaning. The Fisherman's Friend is stylish, functional, and easily portable making it a great choice for traveling, hiking and as an everyday workhorse."

Genuine Fisherman's Friend Pipe by the makers of The Original Money Pipe.

Don't worry about cleaning this bad boy, it has a metal slide on the bottom that can be removed for cleaning.

A metal slide covers the bowl and the stash spot so you don't get your tackle box smelling.

Color may vary.


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