Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle - Lavender Chamomile

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An aroma of crisp lavender, infused with chamomile. A sweet, floral fragrance. Lavender and Chamomile is a very popular, year round scent.

Are you tired of lingering smells in your home? We have the solution for you – smoke odor exterminator candles. These candles are made in the USA and are commonly known as “Smokers Candles” as they can eliminate the most unpleasant smells from cigar, cigarette and pipe tobacco smoke. With up to 70 hour burn times, these candles can also rid your home of any pet odors or lingering trash smells.

Choose from over 20 scents including the popular lavender with chamomile.

Candle wax is made of a paraffin and soy blend, and each candle is 13 ounces. Candle wicks are made of zinc, making them safe in the home and for the environment.


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