Standard 4" Beeswax Pillar Candle by Arbutus Candle Company

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Enchanting and beautiful, these round pillars are a brand favourite and are a joy to give as a gift. A dazzling glow accents the attractive shape; these candles are stunning lit or unlit. Displayed around the bath, they kindle a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere, and deliver many hours of enjoyment. These pillars should be burned on an appropriate candle plate or bowl.

"Arbutus Beeswax and Soy Wax Candles are designed to be burned. 

While some candles are made to simply smell nice or look good on the mantel, Arbutus Candles are designed to provide countless hours of serene illumination, dripless under ideal conditions, while still emanating an understated elegance in your home. Years of passion and product development have gone into each handmade Arbutus Candle, ensuring the highest quality burns.

We started Arbutus Candle Company in 2010 in Vancouver, BC. Born from our love for fine candles and our reverence for natural wonders, our goal is to create products of the highest quality and to reflect our passion in each piece we create, while using the most environmentally friendly materials available.

We hand-pour every candle with love, using the finest quality beeswax and non-GMO soy wax. Each model of candle has undergone years of extensive research and development to ensure beautiful burns time after time. Our wicks are made from cotton and are free of lead and zinc. The polycarbonate tea light containers we use are made in Canada and are safe to use for burning candles. All of our candles are 100% natural, with no artificial colours, fragrances or additives.

We know that you will enjoy burning our candles every bit as much as we enjoy making them."


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