The Best of "Ask Ed" : Your Marijuana Questions Answered

The Best of "Ask Ed" : Your Marijuana Questions Answered

Rosenthal, Ed


Tough question about marijuana? Ask Ed. For twenty years, Ed Rosenthal, the well-known and authoritative magazine columnist on all things marijuana, has been the go-to resource for thousands of home growers and marijuana enthusiasts. In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Ask Ed(TM) column, Quick American Archives is excited to present a totally revised edition of Ask Ed: Marijuana Questions and Answers.

This useful volume collects Ed's practical advice in one easy reference, bringing together 300 of Ed's entertaining and understandable answers to readers' cultivation questions, as well as tips on such topics as pot etiquette, medical marijuana, and political activism. Carefully organized and thoroughly indexed for ease of use, the most relevant and up-to-date information currently available on each subject is presented in a concise question and answer format. Topics range from seed to harvest, covering hydroponics, lighting, nutrients, cloning, pests and disease.

Special sections answer "frequently asked questions" for the beginning gardener and address medical matters and legal concerns. Two full-color sections supplement the text with informational images and the best reader contributions to Ed's popular photo contests for Bud, Plant and Garden of the Month(TM). This is a great addition to any marijuana hobbyist's library.


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