Zepher II Pipe by Red Eye Glass

Zepher II Pipe by Red Eye Glass

Red Eye Glass


3.5" long pipe by Red Eye Glass.


This little bopper has nice and chunky glass and also happens to look beautiful once it's rich colour changing activates over time! 

Not only do those glass beads around the bowl look rad-as-shit, they're also meant to protect the pipe from breaking should it be dropped - think of it as body armor!

There's also a divot in the mouthpiece which acts as a built-in ash catcher.

- This version of the Zepher pipe adds a splash of varying colours around the bowl - just to give it a little extra pow!  

The rest of the glass still changes colour!  Awesome.

RED EYE GLASS hand pipes, water pipes, bubblers and smoking accessories are hand made and of high quality.

Glass is naturally attractive and alluring to the eye. Glass is also tasteless, odourless and doesn't impart any other impurities into the smoke. 

Colors may vary.


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